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Stathis Kalyvas, профессор политологии из Йеля, пишет в Твиттере про 10 уроков популизма на опыте изучения Греции:

1: abysmal incompetence of populist government leads many to mistaken belief it will be over quickly

2: for a long time you think you've seen the worst, but you haven't seen anything yet

3: the things that strike you as utterly shocking are applauded by others, perhaps even the majority

4: when assessing a populist govt it's always hard to tell whether it's just incompetence or dark designs

5: nothing like a populist government to re-legitimize mainstream politics. If you manage to survive

6: best way to boost opposition populist agenda/candidates? Ask experts to show why they are wrong

7: populist parties are protest movements; they often ask good questions but have neither answers nor clues

8: populists gain traction by scolding the "elites" for corruption, but when in power they out-corrupt them

9: populist govts won't end just because their record is terrible; they can last if opposition is in disarray

10: because populist govts have few achievements to sell, they manufacture polarization, division, hatred


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